Wooden Treasure Bowl Inspired Childhood
Wooden Treasure Bowl Inspired Childhood
Wooden Treasure Bowl Inspired Childhood

Wooden Treasure Bowl

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Note: This item is from our curated range and therefore several items are repurposed pieces – however they are in great and safe condition. These are real objects and have not been designed as toys, please always assess the risks of using these items.
Treasure bowls are a fantastic resource to use with children as they support learning in so many different ways. By using a treasure bowl you are providing children with rich mental stimulation, which activates the growth of the brain and provides richly satisfying experiences. How do treasure bowls promote learning? * Offers a young child the first taste of freedom, independence and courage by handling and exploring the sensory rich objects * Stimulates a child's curiosity and interest - provides the child with the opportunity to explore and discover new things on their own. * Offers a child the experience of making choices * Promotes concentration skills * Facilitates conceptual learning (children learn a range of concepts to do with the physical qualities of objects, such as coldness, smoothness, heaviness and prickliness) * Facilitates social interaction if two or three children share the same basket * Provides the foundations of language development and supports creative play. This treasure bowl collection offers a multi learning experience and it contains: 1 wooden buckle, 1 wooden double comb, 1 wooden comb
1 wooden mini hammer, 1 wooden large spoon, 2 large bangles, 2 wooden shakers, 1 wooden roller, 2 large wooden pebbles, 2 wooden mini bowls, 2 rattan balls, 6 20cm wooden buttons, 1 wooden tea strainer, 1 large wooden bowl to store them in. Safety Information: Children/Babies must be supervised at all times when playing with these items.  Adults must regularly check children's play items for damage and assess which items are suitable for their children depending on their age and ability. 
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